About Me

Pembroke HS

I grew up in Hampton, Virginia, at least for for the first 18 years of my life!

I enlisted in the Army early (July 1978), as a delayed entry soldier and went on Active Duty right out of high school in 1979.  As a matter of fact, I celebrated my independence on July 4th and then lost it the next day when I reported to Fort Jackson for Basic Training.

Joining the Army was the best decision I ever made!  Basic training was a little difficult, but only 8 weeks and the Advanced Individual Training (AIT) was a breeze.  AIT was a 12-week, self-paced course, I finished in four weeks by challenging and passing all the tests.

Jesse SimmonsMy goal was to become a mechanic and get a college degree; both of which I accomplished.  I first became a 63B, power generation and light wheel vehicle mechanic.  I was a little disappointed because it turned out to be the military equivalent to a Jiffy Lube job. But, over time, I would be asked to do more complicated tasks and was eventually called upon to do advanced troubleshooting, repairs, and technical inspections.

In the pursuit of being a mechanic, I obtained an associate degree in mechanical and automotive engineering.

In my first four years of the Army, I went from shop mechanic to shop foreman. The duty stations were Fort Benning, Georgia, Camp Shelby, Mississippi, Fort Benning, Georgia, Camp Garry Owen, Korea, and Fort Hood, Texas.

                  • 586th Engineer Company, Ft Benning
                  • Provisional Support Detachment, Camp Shelby, Mississippi
                  • 43rd Engineer Battalion, Ft Benning
                  • 4/7 Cavalry, Camp Garry Owen, Korea
                  • 303rd MI, Fort Hood, Texas

Me and my Wife

I figured I was doing well if I was supervising a shop within four years and was promoted through the ranks to sergeant, E-5.

At Fort Hood, I reenlisted and chose Korea as my next duty station.  That paved the way for further advancement.  

Upon arrival in Korea, I was assigned to the 41st Signal Battalion.  I became the Battalion Motor Sergeant, an E-7 position which I would hold as an E-5.  I also met Donna, another soldier who was also assigned to the 41st, we dated for eight months. she became my wife!  We stayed with the Battalion for 5 years.  I continued to run the motor pool and worked as a logistician in the S-4.  I was promoted to Staff Sergeant during my Tour.

Returning to the States from Korea, I was assigned to the 58th Transportation Battalion, Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri where, over the next six years, I would hold positions as a 63B Instructor, Operations Sergeant and eventually Chief Instructor for the 63B Light Wheel Vehicle Mechanic's Course. I was promoted to Sergeant First Class, E-7 and finished out my military career.





Desktop Support Analyst 

Maintain, analyze, and repair hardware and software systems. Respond to tickets, and troubleshoot and resolve problems in a timely manner. Support and enforce information technology (IT) policies. Set up and configure new systems, new applications, and upgrades.

Desktop support engineers are IT support specialists that assist clients with hardware and software issues. Their job is to provide on-site or remote technical assistance including the setting up of computer hardware systems, installing and upgrading software, and troubleshooting basic IT issues.



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