Logistics Analyst


Seeking to contribute my experience, analytical and management skills in a Logistics and Supply Chain Management role.


Advantech Inc, Annapolis, Maryland                                                                            April 2016 – June 2021
IM/IT Planner, Coordinator

Manages and coordinates the planning, acquisition, installation and transition of medical and non-medical IT equipment for the initial outfitting and transition operations for U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID), Fort Bliss, Fort Irwin hospitals and Multiple VA clinics. Manages the assembly, installation, technical inspection, testing and training for the equipment (existing and/or new) and systems.  install, monitor and maintain sound and video equipment, including cameras, speakers, microphones, video monitors and projection screens. Provides transition and relocation planning and execution for reuse assets.   

    • Manages 1,875 line items totaling 18,800 IT equipment and IT related medical assets.
    • Gather technical requirements and specifications for IT Assets for multiple VA clinics and Army Hospitals.
    • Established procedures for Life Cycle Management and Logistics activities.

Insight Global, Richmond Virginia                                                                                March 2015 – December 2016
Asset Manager/Inventory Specialist, Serco/VDOT

Managed the Virginia Department of Transportation’s assets and inventory for five Transportation Operation Centers across the state.  Managed the Safety Service Patrol inventory and stock levels.  Ensured efficient delivery of products and services for the client. Expertise and work efforts were focused on the analysis of the customer's business goals, objectives, needs and the general business environment to solve logistical problems. Developed and implemented client's logistical policies and procedures.

    • Managed $4.2 million inventory consisting of 40,000 assets and 3,500 inventory line items
    • Successfully transitioned all assets within 3 months after others have tried for 2 years
    • Improved data collection and reporting processes to achieve 100% accuracy each month

Peak Systems Inc., Richmond Virginia                                                                          April 2013 – November 2013
Refresh Technician

Provided inventory, refresh, deployment and disposal of desktops, laptops, mobile devices and associated peripherals for WellPoint Inc.  Singularly responsible for one building where I deployed 2,100 assets within the 8-month contract.

    • Managed 5,000 assets, valued at $60K, during the process of replacing 2,100
    • Replaced all the server room components with minimal disruption to on-going activities
    • Improved the installation and testing processes which made deployment faster

JES Technical Solutions, Chester Virginia                                                                     April 2012 – March 2015
Owner, Senior Technician 

Provided technical support serving home and medium and small business PC and MAC users.  Responsibilities include all aspect of technical support by maintaining, analyzing, troubleshooting, and repairing computer systems, hardware, and computer peripherals.  Responsible for maintaining detailed records on supported customers.

    • Managed over 200 customers including 23 small businesses
    • Planned and updated 2 hospital server rooms and Com Closets to replace antiquated equipment
    • Managed the installation and maintenance of security systems for 5 Hospitals and 8 Businesses

Evolver Inc., Reston Virginia                                                                                          April 2009 to April 2012
IT Asset Manager

Managed hardware, spare parts and software for multiple Government agencies.  Accountable for compliance with internal policies and vendor contracts for procurement, deployment, maintenance, repairs, and disposal.  Played a key role in a unique project which managed the full lifecycle implementation of an IT Asset Management System (Maximo).  Procured IT assets by leasing them from various vendors, bringing the organization from zero to 15,000 assets.  Managed the assets during the project to accomplish the organization's main objective.  Disposed of all the assets by returning them to the leasing companies or disposal by direct sale.

    • Planned and built four Data Centers and computer networks for the US Census Bureau 2010 census
    • Established policies and procedures for inventory, configuration, cost, and locations
    • Order, receive, stock, and deploy assets and update asset records in the ITAMS

Innovative Logistics Techniques, Inc., McLean Virginia                                               February 1996 to April 2009
Project Manager

Project Manager responsible and accountable for the managing projects directed toward strategic objectives for client.  Managed the technology, people and changes in order to achieve goals, reach targets, and deliver projects on time and within budget.  Managed client relationships through direct and formal reporting that complimented a respected and productive relationship.  Drove projects by leading by example and motivating all concerned until the objectives and goals were met.

    • Define business requirements to ensure the client received process improvements
    • Initiated and planed projects by establishing format, direction and baselines 
    • Coordinated with clients to achieve goals, reach targets, solve problems, and mitigate risks 

U.S. Army, Various Locations                                                                                        July 1979 to August 1994
Senior Logistics Manager

Held various logistics positions in automotive maintenance, facility, IT, asset, and supply chain management.


Central Texas College, Associate Degree, 1988